COUGAR's 2012 Global Expansion

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COUGAR is going global, more expansion in 2012

Founded in Germany, using Taiwanese Manufacturing expertise, the brand now has established branch offices around the globe to cater to gamers’ needs everywhere

Taipei, Taiwan – DECEMBER 23, 2011 – COUGAR, exclusive brand for high-end quality PC cases, power supplies and cooling fans, has been renowned among demanding gamers for some time. But until 2011 COUGAR products were only available in a few countries. Now, COUGAR announces that its global expansion, with newly founded branch offices in all major territories around the world, has been successfully launched. COUGAR is now able to effectively cater to gamers’ needs everywhere.

COUGAR's award winning PC cases, power supplies and cooling fans are not only appreciated by users, but they have also won accolades from virtually all major computer magazines and review sites, as well as being awarded design and innovation awards such as the Computex 2010 Award. For 2012, COUGAR is already a nominee for the highly acclaimed industry design award, Designpreis Deutschland 2012. All this demonstrates, a strong user orientation and willingness to listen to the needs of the enthusiast and gaming community, and is still a major driver of the entire computer tech industry and for COUGAR in particular.

Therefore COUGAR is getting involved in the enthusiast and gaming communities more strongly than ever, seekingr interaction directly with the users. Milestones in these efforts have been the newly established Facebook [] presence, as well as the COUGAR YouTube channel [], where users get insight straight from the horse’s mouth. In addition COUGAR is sponsoring games servers and co-conducting competitions such as the latest 3D Mark Overclocking completion [].

COUGAR has edited an exclusive video with more information and insights into the companies design and production process as well as giving some sneak previews of upcoming brand new gaming products in 2012. You can see the video here on YouTube: 

Lio Huang, Brand Manager at COUGAR points out,

"Over the past couple of years we had been expanding into several countries, but in 2010, when COUGAR won the Computex Design & Innovation Award, we felt once more motivated to double our efforts to offer our products around the world. Founded in Germany, utilizing Taiwanese manufacturing expertise, COUGAR now has branch offices in Germany, the UK, USA, Russia, China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. For 2012 we expect this expansion to continue at the same pace."  


COUGAR is particularly targeting enthusiast gamers who not only demand state-of-the-art PC chassis and highly efficient power supplies, but also want to express their dynamic gaming life style with reliable quality products.

COUGAR therefore wants to provide these enthusiasts with best-in-class innovative and cutting-edge gaming products. COUGAR was founded in 2007 by a group of enthusiasts and professionals in Germany who felt PC hardware had changed very little over the past 20 years, most case and PSU models remaining rectangular boxes, having the same boring looks and an internal layout with endlessly uncreative cosmetic variations and poor quality. Therefore, COUGAR wanted to provide gamers more stylish product concepts meeting strictest quality requirements. Now, COUGAR has developed into a global brand manufacturer bringing innovative, high-performance and high-quality components to the PC gaming market.