COUGAR Launches Color Variations for Challenger PC Case

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November 19th 2012, Taipei - COUGAR, leading German PC case and power supply brand, has taken noted of the growing popularity of their Challenger computer case and will be launching a whole new line of colors for 2013. “The product line will be colorful in 2013.” noted Marketing Director Lio Huang. Already the full-featured yet value-priced case has made a splash among hardware review sites and garnered glowing reviews such as:

COUGAR Challenger Review at KitGuruThe COURGAR Challenger Case provides “thoughtful amenities generally associated with up-market cases”

COUGAR Challenger Review at IcronticThe surprisingly decent build quality, the flexibility granted by the modular drive bays, the magnetic clamps for filters and panels, and the standoff system are all things that set the Cougar apart from their many peers.”

COUGAR Challenger Review at Hardware SecretsThe Cougar Challenger case provides a terrific value for the users who are looking for an affordable mid-tower case with features usually found only on more expensive models.”

The Cougar Challenger PC Case Review - “the Challenger is well worth your money if you are looking for an edgy, well-manufactured case that doesn’t put a massive dent in your wallet.”

Cougar Challenger Review at AnandTech - "The Cougar Challenger is capable of offering a pretty healthy performance profile along with a couple of added perks...all at a reasonably competitive price point"

Cougar Challenger at Pro-clockers“It begins with the nice touch of the orange flares along the outside and end with the well thought out interior. And everything in between is a plus.”

The Cougar Challenger PC Case Review - "the Cougar Challenger is fun. No case is perfect, but when you sum up all the features, little and large, this is a very likeable case."

The CHALLENGER mid-tower case currently comes is the three colors of black, white and orange and in 2013 will come in the additional colors of yellow, green, red, and blue. The case is particularly targeted to gamers demanding a large upgradeability capacity, with optimal airflow and ventilation characteristics. COUGAR’s fun color combinations paired with the large metal-mesh front bezel lends it an aggressive yet stylish appearance. One unique design highlight is to be found right on the top of the case: to power up your computer you first have to lift a cover lid just like a pilot unlocks a missile button to fire. This is a safety feature to prevent accidental engagements, while at the same time giving you a fun gaming-mode feeling right away.                                                          

Play As Long As You Want

To play the most advanced games, the COUGAR CHALLANGER offers sufficient space for powerful graphics cards of up to 410mm length. This is achieved by a unique 3-Mode drive cage concept. In standard mode there is 300mm of space, by using a special HDD track mechanism you can relocate the drive cage to gain another 30mm, and when removing it entirely you get the maximum clearance of 410mm.

Ventilation Meets Convenience

It’s already a given for COUGAR to provide for vented PCIe slots in the back, and have advanced ventilation options on the front bezel. But now COUGAR goes one step further. Innovative air filters on the bottom PSU cover and the side panel prevents dust from entering the inside and accumulating there. Additionally, COUGAR made things much more effective and convenient. These filters are now attached on the outside with a magnetic mechanism, allowing for easiest assembly and disassembly. This way it is incredibly easy to take the dust filters off at any given time, without the need to open the case. Simply pop them off and clean them under a faucet for a minute, dry them and put them back on. It’s quick and easy and your ventilation has been re-optimized within a couple of minutes. A large 20 cm intake LED-fan in the front and a 12 cm rear Turbine exhaust fan come pre-installed and therefore provide excellent ventilation characteristics, right out of the box.

Easy And Tidy Upgrades

As PC enthusiasts and gamers are constantly working to improve and upgrade their systems, it is important to always have easy and clean access to the entire system. To address this, the COUGAR Challenger comes with a huge cutout on the motherboard backplate, allowing for spacious room to install or exchange CPU coolers. Additionally, the newly designed cable management system keeps cables away from the setup and tunnels them in a way so users can easily keep track of their hardware lifelines and change them conveniently. This is also a precondition for optimized ventilation characteristics of the overall setup.

Ready For Real Liquid Cooling

As liquid cooling is resurgent in the market, COUGAR is taking these needs fully into account by giving users options for advanced cooling solutions. There are a total of three holes for liquid cooling hoses on the rear panel, allowing for maximum accessibility. Conveniently, COUGAR implements rubberized grommets for protection of these holes, so users don’t need to worry about potentially sharp edges cutting into the hoses by un-careful handling.

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