Cooler Master Adds Vapor Chambers to Heatsinks

After launching the world's first heatpipe heatsink in 2000 and vertical vapor chamber heatsinks in early 2012, Cooler Master’s OEM and industrial cooling division has expanded upon its Vapor Chamber Technology for its heatsinks. After the success of the TPC812, which pioneered the use of modern vertical vapor chambers, Cooler Master is expanding the TPC series by equipping selected V Series devices with Horizontal Vapor Chambers.

With Horizontal Vapor Chambers, heat is dispersed eight times faster than it is with solid copper, while eliminating hot spots and spreading heat evenly across the base of a heatsink. Since the vapor chamber effectively increases the heatpipe contact area, the heatsink can accommodate a larger number of heatpipes. Horizontal Vapor Chambers technology enables a faster and more efficient transfer of heat from the CPU to the heatpipes and fins, resulting in lower temperatures and slower, less noisy fans.

Modern processors feature multiple CPU cores and integrated GPUs, resulting in hotspots when tiny parts of the CPU produce significantly more heat than others do. Thanks to advanced thermal management, processors can boost the speed of individual cores if the processor is sufficiently cooled. Horizontal Vapor Chambers technology helps to eliminate hotspots and remove heat at unprecedented speeds, allowing your CPU to boost its performance and notably improve system performance.

The technology also allows Cooler Master to develop heatsinks that help your system run cooler, quieter, and faster. The first Cooler Master Heatsink equipped with a horizontal vapor chamber, the V4 GT, will be launch during the third quarter.

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