Cougar Launches PowerX PSUs for Enthusiast Gamers

Cougar, a leading brand PSU and accessory supplier, has launched the Cougar PowerX PSU series that specifically targets demanding gamers.

Available in two variations, the PowerX series PSUs offer an extremely high efficiency rate of up to 87% and are compliant with the 80-PLUS Bronze efficiency requirement.

More and more people today are also using their PCs to recharge their portable devices, such as their iPhones, iPads, tablet PCs, and smartphones. With the 5Vsb OverVolt Protection safety function, users can rest assured that an unstable voltage will not damage their portable devices.

The PowerX series has an advanced energy-saving design that meets the latest Eco-Friendly EuP regulation, ErP Lot6 2013. The energy consumption is lower than 0.45 W when the PC is in standby mode, which can save quite a bit of power and money.

As an added touch, they are made with an attractive black and orange metallic coating.

The PowerX series is fully compatible with the latest PC technologies, supporting the latest ATX12V specifications and created for use with current and next-generation multi-core CPU platforms, supporting multi-GPU technology with support for PCI Express 2.0 next-generation graphic cards with 8(6+2)pin PCI-E connectors.

Capacitors are one of the most crucial components in computer equipment and the Cougar PowerX series uses highly durable Japanese capacitors to provide uncompromised performance and reliability.

Fans are another important component and the PowerX series uses 12 cm FANs. The temperature-controlled design adapts its rotating speed to the PSU temperature. Even on its highest rotating level, the fan is still quiet enough to be barely audible.

Lastly, the rails in a PSU also heavily determine the quality of a unit. The Cougar PowerX series sports Dynamic Dual-12V rails. The automatic dynamic load distribution on the dual-12V lines provides power separately to the GPU and the CPU. If you are not using all available output lines, the PSU automatically reroutes needed power from unused lines. This improves the performance of the 12 V lines considerably for systems with high-end graphics cards in SLI or CrossFire mode and provides high voltage stability to keep components safe.

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About Cougar

Cougar targets enthusiast gamers who not only demand state-of-the-art PC chassis units and highly efficient power supplies, but who also want to complement their dynamic gaming lifestyle with reliable quality products. Cougar thus wants to provide these enthusiasts with best-in-class innovative and cutting-edge gaming products. Cougar products are designed by Cougar Germany with world-famous German technology for highly stylish product concepts and the strictest quality requirements.