ECS Extends 99-Hour Warranty Service to All Motherboards and VGA Cards

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Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has announced that it has extended its “99 hour” replacement service so that it appliesto all ECS motherboards and VGA cards purchased after December 31, 2011. Previously only applicable to ECS' high-performance Black Series products, the warranty now covers all ECS motherboard and VGA customers who can receive their replacement parts within 99 hours of processing.

The 99-Hour replacement service offers ECS customers in the Continental United Sates the opportunity to replace ECS products if any issues should arise in a rapid and efficient manner.  Simply register the ECS motherboard or VGA card bought after Dec. 31, 2011 on ECS' website, and if a replacement is needed, ECS will process your return and send a replacement within 24 hours with a three-day shipping service guaranteeing that ECS customers will receive their replacement within 99 hours.

In addition to a first-class replacement service, ECS customers will receive the latest product and service updates and announcements and be automatically entered in drawings for random prizes by registering their products on the ECS Website.

Register your ECS motherboard or VGA card at:

For more information about the 99-Hour Replacement visit:

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Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing computer motherboards since 1987. Today, the motherboard maker also designs and manufactures desktop PCs, notebooks, servers, motherboards, video cards, wireless solutions and handheld devices for distributors worldwide. Headquartered in Taiwan with operations in North America, Europe, China, Korea, and Japan; ECS also has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturing facilities in China. For more information, please visit ECS website at