Enermax Enters the Liquid CPU Cooler Market with Revolutionary QSC Technology

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Enermax reveals a revolutionary all-in one, closed-loop liquid cooling solution, the ELC series. With the innovative patented QSC cold plate technology, Enermax is ready to achieve a milestone as it wows liquid-cooling aficionados with the new products’ extremely powerful performances. This also brings liquid-cooling products to a whole new level.

Last year’s successful launch of Enermax’ high-performance air CPU cooler with the world’s leading thermal resistance performance of 0.09° C/W, showcased Enermax’ excellent R&D capabilities. It also heralded Enermax’ ambitions to make inroads in the cooling-solution area. Enermax debuted its liquid-cooling solutions at Computex earlier this year when it showed prototypes that attracted much attention by the media. Thanks to the Enermax thermal team’s development efforts, the first liquid CPU cooler series has been introduced.

Enermax’ ELC series, including the ELC120-TA, ELC120-TB and ELC240, are all equipped with the exclusive QSC technology. This serves as a guarantee for superior cooling performance thanks to the system’s boundary layer elimination and coolant redistribution features. They also feature an all-in-one, close-loop system to prevent the complexity and hassle of DIY water-cooling kits. Users can easily install the Enermax ELC cooler inthe computer. Also, there is no need for re-filling water coolant as well or to do any extra maintenance work that conventional DIY liquid coolers require.

The Cold Plate Design Weights 80% of Liquid Cooling Performance

The cold plate is the key component that determines water-cooling efficiency. In recent years, it has been common to see many CPU liquid coolers using a micro fin design for their cold plates. Although this design provides good heat exchange, the micro fin structure easily develops a “boundary layer” to narrow the coolant flow path, which thus undermines heat transfer efficiency. To compensate for this shortcoming, some coolers use a high-speed pump to boost coolant flow. While this not only consumes more energy, it also increases vibration.

QSC Cold Plate Technology – Eliminates Boundary Layer and Redistributes Coolant Flow


The patented QSC (quad shunt channel cold plate) technology developed by Enermax is an innovative design forsuperior thermal conductivity. With the unique design of QSC, the cold plate can powerfully eliminate the boundary layer inside micro channels to increase coolant flow momentum and accelerate heat transfer performance.

Furthermore, QSC also creates the redistribution of coolantflow among individual micro channels to effectivelyremove the heat surge of hot spots on the CPU in an extremely timely and efficient manner. This is impossible with other coolers with conventional micro-fin structure designs since no flow redistribution can be formed to enact the same function.

What is Boundary Layer?

A boundary layer is the layer of fluid in the immediate vicinity of a bounding surface where the effects of viscosity are significant.  It then becomes a barrier that partially blocks fluid flow. It is the nemesis of most conventionally designed micro-fin cold plates since it narrows the flow path of the coolant inside micro fin channels and thus decreases heat transfer and impede the overall cooling performance.

Conventional Micro Fin Cold Plate Coolant Flow Illustration

ENERMAX QSC Cold Plate Coolant Flow Illustration

-The boundary layer is fully developed to hinder coolant flow speed and decrease the heat-transfer surface

-The coolant in individual channels cannot be redistributed in order to remove heat from the CPU hot spot

-The boundary layer is eliminated to free up coolant flow and to increase heat transfer over the surface

-Coolant in individual channels redistribute and remix to easily remove more heat from the CPU


3 Cooling Modes PWM Fan Control Technology

ELC cooler series are all equipped with Enermax’ renowned Twister Bearing fan that comes with patented three PWM cooling modes, including silent mode (800~1500rpm), performance mode (800~1500 rpm), and overclock mode (800~2200rpm). This specially designed function allows for easy adjustment to suit different users’ preferences and system configurations.

Top-Quality Artwork with Cutting-edge Craftsmanship

Enermax’ liquid CPU cooler series showcases three models with different radiator dimensions for users to select from to meet the  space constraints of their individual cases. Among them, the ELC120-TA and the ELC120-TB both have a 32 mm-thick radiators. The former features two eye-catching circular LED fans to add an extra visual effect in conjunction with excellent cooling, while the latter comes with two of Enermax’ best-selling T.B. silence fans for noiseless operation and outstanding cooling efficiency. The ELC240 features a longer radiator that is 270mm in length. With the combination of two high-performance T.B.Silence fans and a wider contact surface, as well as larger coolant volumes, it demonstrates a super-efficient heat-dissipation capability andstunningly excellent cooling efficiency.

The ELC series uses zero permeability and long-lasting FEP tubes to ensure reliability and zero leakage. Each model also comes with easy-to-install smart brackets that are compatible with all AMD AM2+/AM3+/FM1 and Intel LGA775, 1155, 1156, 1356, and 2011 sockets. The bracket screws also have a unique spring mechanism to provide perfect contact force with the CPU. All of the well-thought-out features were designed to offer the best performance and user experience.

Zero permeability FEP tubes

Smart brackets compatible with both AMD and Intel CPUs

Bracket screws with spring mechanism to provide perfect contact force with CPU

A noiseless and durable ceramic bearing pump

The Enermax Liquid Cooler brief spec is listed in following table.  For more information, please contact your nearest Enermax agent/distributor or visit www.enemax.com









Radiator Dimension

151 x 120 x 32 mm

151 x 120 x 32 mm

270 x 120 x 32 mm

Fan control

3-coolingPWM modes

3-cooling PWM modes

3-cooling PWM modes






2 years

2 years

5 years

About Enermax:
Enermax Technology Corp. is a globally renowned manufacturer of PC components such as power supplies, cases, cooling device, and peripherals. Devoted to quality, performance, safety, and design; Enermax has broken several world records and won many awards since its creation in 1990. Headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Enermax’ industrial base consists of PSU and fan factories, five subsidiaries, and numerous affiliates around the world, which offer an excellent channel network for its OEM/ODM and retail businesses.