MSI GTX’s 650 Ti Power Edition Graphics Card

MSI, a leading motherboard and graphics card maker, has launched the GTX 650 Ti Power Edition graphics card. The device features two of MSI's exclusive architectures: Triple Overvoltage and Improved Power Design, effectively boosting its overclocking potential by up to 17%.

The exclusively designed Cyclone II heatsink module with 9cm PWM temperature-controlled fans and dual heatpipes, provides an optimum balance between noise and heatsinking. The Cyclone II cooling system maintains a low 57 degrees Celsius temperature when the card runs at maximum load and has a noise level of only 18.89 dB.

Its Reverse Dust Removal technology automatically removes dust from the heatsink module and maintains optimum cooling performance. Propeller Blade technology also increases airflow by 20% compared to conventional fans, effectively reducing the temperature to 57 degrees Celsius and the operating noise to 18.89 dB in a maximum operating state. MSI uses high-quality and stable Military Class III components to provide gamers with a smooth and dependable working environment when overclocking the card or gaming. The features and technologies in the power supply, cooling, and materials incorporated in the MSI GTX 650 Ti Power Edition far exceed the specifications of the reference board. The superior overclockability makes it the ideal choice among its class.

The MSI GTX 650 Ti Power Edition graphics card uses MSI Power Edition architecture: Triple Overvoltage with Afterburner support allows the user to make adjustments to the GPU, memory, and PLL voltages, releasing the full potential of the graphics card and overclocking performance by up to 17%. The power supply has also been improved to increase the current flow by 67% compared to the reference board and to maintain high stability during overclocking.

Exclusive Cyclone II Cooling Runs a Low 57 degrees Celsius in a Maximum Operating State with Noise Level Only 18.89 dB:

The MSI GTX 650 Ti Power Edition graphics card features Cyclone II cooling. The 9cm PWM temperature-controlled fans provide excellent cooling while reducing the noise produced by the fans. Dual heatpipes can increase the speed of heatsinking by simultaneously spreading heat to the heatsink fins and removing heat via the PWN temperature-controlled fans—a perfect combination of quietness and heatsinking. With MSI's proprietary Reverse Dust Removal technology, the fans automatically run in reverse at startup, removing dust before rotating in the normal direction to maintain optimized cooling performance. The internationally patented Propeller Blade technology delivers 20% more airflow compared to conventional fans and also increases the cooling surface. In a maximum operating state, it effectively reduces the core temperature to 57 degrees Celsius and the operating noise by 18.89 dB.

Military Class III Components for a Smooth and Reliable Performance:

MSI Military Class III components guarantee reliable performance. They have been tested by a certified third-party testing laboratory, which subjected the card to harsh work environments. The card successfully passed seven tests and meets MIL-STD-810G military standards. Military-grade components used in the MSI GTX 650 Ti Power Edition include a Tantalum Core Hi-c CAP, which is a 30% more-powerful SFC, and a Solid CAP with a service life of up to 10 years. The choice of materials reflects MSI's commitment to product quality

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