MSI HD 7870 Hawk Blasts GPU Speed Record

The popular MSI HD 7870 Hawk, which shares the same design with the world's fastest Lightning graphics cards, has set multiple world overclocking records thanks to MSI’s unrelenting quest to deliver the best overclocking graphics card that money can buy. With MSI's exclusive Unlocked Digital Power architecture, a Swedish overclocking enthusiast crushed the competition with a 3DMark Vantage Performance score of 39,788, while Belgian overclocker Massman set new 3Dmark 11 Entry and Extreme records with scores of 14,964 and 3,305, respectively. For the 3DMark 11 Performance benchmark, SF3D from Finland took first place with a score of 11,577. The 1,925 MHz GPU frequency achieved by Elmor surpassed the default frequency by a staggering 75%, making the MSI HD 7870 Hawk the king of overclocking among HD 7870 graphics cards.

Swedish overclocking enthusiast sets record for highest AMD Radeon HD 7870 GPU speed of 1925 MHz with MSI's HD 7870 Hawk

Unlocked Digital Power Architecture is the Key to Success

The MSI HD 7870 Hawk is based on the same design principle as the MSI Lightning series and features the Unlocked Digital Power architecture consisting of Unlocked BIOS, a Digital PWM chipset, and an improved power supply. Unlocked BIOS allows enthusiasts to disable the graphics card’s protection system at the touch of a button in order to increase the CCC limit, boost the PowerTune limit by 57%, and remove OCP restrictions. The full overclocking potential of the graphics card can thus be unleashed without any hardware modification, which is something that the other vendors do not offer. The digital PWM chip uses digital signals to create a more stable and precise voltage signal while the improved power supply boosts power output by 50% compared to the reference board. These boosts are what helped power the overclocking enthusiasts' world-record breaking attempts.  

GPU Reactor, the Ultimate Power Supply

The MSI HD 7870 Hawk is powered by the innovative GPU Reactor power supply back plate. When installed on the back of the GPU, current flow is increased by 500% and power supply noise is reduced by 20%, which improves the card’s overclocking potential.

3x3 OC Kits Real-Time Graphics Card Monitoring

The 3X3 OC Kits developed by MSI for overclocking enthusiasts includes V-Check Point for GPU/Memory/VDDCI voltage monitoring as well as Triple Overvoltage and Triple Temperature Sensor for quick fine-tuning and tracking of graphics card performance when using MSI's popular Afterburner overclocking utility.

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