MSI Intros OC-Certified Motherboards

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MSI, a leading overclocking motherboard brand, is excited to introduce an all-new standard for overclocking stability. MSI's OC Certified standard is the new baseline for overclocking motherboards. The new MSI Z77 MPOWER, which is OC Certified, undergoes a military-grade stress test for overclocking. While other motherboard manufacturers only test for a limited time, MSI Z77 MPOWER is submitted to a 24 hour OC stress test. Only motherboards surviving 24 hours of Prime95 while being heavily overclocked pass inspection. The conditions of the OC Certified test are rigorous and involve high temperatures with no airflow testing.

OC Certified, the New Standard

OC Certified is MSI's OC testing procedure during which Z77 MPOWER motherboards are tested for stability with a 24-hour Prime95 stress test. OC Certified motherboards have been tested for:

•    Higher Performance

•    Enhanced PWM Cooling

•    Better Power Stability

Higher Performance means that all OC Certified tests are run at a 4.6 GHz CPU speed. The Enhanced PWM Cooling test is done in a high-temperature room at 30°C without airflow from a CPU cooler. Better Power Stability is tested by running Prime95 for 24-hours in these conditions.

Military Class testing

OC Certified is a major extension of MSI's Military Class certification. Military Class III motherboards already have their component quality rigorously tested to ensure all-round stability. OC Certified puts these components to the ultimate test. When an MSI Z77 MPOWER passes the OC Certified test, it is able to run in overclocked conditions in high temperatures with little to no airflow. Final OC results, of course, vary with the component quality of the entire system and usage, but at least you can count on your motherboard not being the limiting factor.

OC Certified: Z77 MPOWER

MSI's first OC Certified motherboard is the Z77 MPOWER. Built from the ground up for overclocking, the new MSI Z77 MPOWER is designed to deliver extreme CPU and memory performance. When combined with MSI's Lightning series graphics cards, it can deliver unprecedented performance.