MSI’s Z77A-GD80: The Industry’s First Thunderbolt Motherboard

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MSI created a lot of stir during the Consumer Electronics Show in January when it took the wraps off the industry’s first motherboard to benefit from its Thunderbolt interface.  After the motherboard drew unprecedented interest and coverage by media outlets around the world, the Z77A-GD80 is now available to purchase.  The Z77A-GD80 is equipped with the latest Intel Z77 chipset and supports next-generation 22 nm processors.  Thunderbolt’s standout feature is that it helps to solve external device-connectivity problems for high-performance computing tasks. Among the benefits it offers, Thunderbolt eliminates poor data transfer rates and the need for every device to require an independent connection port. It also prevents transfer speeds from dropping due to a lack of bandwidth when files are sent and received.  The Thunderbolt technology provides an extremely large 10 Gb/s of bi-directional bandwidth, which allows for simultaneous connections of high-resolution monitors, storage devices, and even a graphics card. Eight-channel audio signal is also supported, allowing multiple devices to be connected via a single cable.  The Z77A-GD80 motherboard is built with Military Class III components, which passed seven rigorous MIL-STD-810G standard tests and have been certified by independent third-party laboratories, providing superior quality and stability. It is also equipped with MSI’s proprietary one-second overclocking OC Genie II and UEFI/Windows dual-graphical interface ClickBIOS II, allowing users to easily achieve superior system performance and a better user experience.

Thunderbolt: The World’s Fastest External Transfer Technology  The MSI Z77A-GD80’s Thunderbolt technology represents the industry’s newest and fastest external connection technology. It provides two-way bandwidth that reaches speeds up to 10 Gb/s and can also provide electric power for external devices. HD video content can be transferred within only a few seconds. The two-way and independent bandwidth design allows users to send and receive files simultaneously through the Thunderbolt interface without reducing transfer speeds. Also, only one cable connection is required from the computer to other external peripherals such as high-resolution monitors and large-capacity, external storage devices. Eight-channel audio signals are also supported. Compared to traditional interfaces that require one connection cable to connect each device or multiple external hubs, Thunderbolt increases the convenience and ease of connectivity, while fully meeting the needs of professionals and high-end users. 

Highest Quality and Stability: Military Class III ComponentsContinuing MSI's commitment to the product's stability and durability, MSI's Z77A-GD80 is built with  Military Class III components. In addition to highly-conductive polymerized capacitors (Hi-c CAP), super ferrite choke (SFC), and solid capacitors (Solid CAP), the motherboard benefits from next- generation DrMOS II.  The Z77A-GD80’s DrMOS II is embedded with fully automatic dual-thermal protection, so that when the operating temperature reaches 115 degrees, an indicator on the motherboard lights up, warning the enthusiast to check MOSFET's cooling status. If the operating temperature reaches 130 degrees, the system will automatically power off, ensuring that the motherboard will not be damaged. These components all passed rigorous testing conducted by third-party laboratories for extreme temperatures, humidity, pressure, vibrations, and shocks when dropped. They also are Military Class certified, making MSI's Military Class III components synonymous with the highest quality and stability available.

Better Performance For an Improved User ExperienceMSI's exclusive OC Genie II technology only requires one second to generate an amazing performance increase while unlocking better CPU, iGPU, and memory performance at the same time. It also boosts stability when overclocking, which certainly can make an enthusiast's life much easier. The brand-new My OC Genie function allows users to set the overclocking settings manually for better performance. Click BIOS II is the world's first system tool to integrate UEFI BIOS and Windows application programs by allowing you to adjust system settings under different environments through the mouse or even the LCD touch panel. MSI Z77A-GD80 supports not only the latest PCI Express Gen 3 standard to deliver a staggering 32 GB/s of bandwidth (which is double that of the previous generation), but it is also compatible with the new-generation 22 nm processors. It allows users to enjoy the latest technology for an overall better user experience.

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