ASRock Launches Fatal1ty 990FX Mobo for AMD AMP Memory

ASRock, a leading motherboard maker worldwide, has announced that its high-end Fatal1ty 990FX Professional motherboard now supports the latest AMD Memory Profile (AMP) technology, which allows overclockers to easily get more speed out of their memory modules. More to the point, the company’s flagship Fatal1ty 990FX is the only motherboard available in retail channels that supports AMD AMP memory overclocking.

ASRock’s Fatal1ty 990FX Professional motherboard also offers Intel’s XMP technology, as well as support for AMD’s AMP. It is the first AMD chipset-based motherboard that supports both Intel’s XMP and AMD’s AMP memory overclocking kits.

As you can see from the UEFI interface, the UEFI can load both AMD’s AMP and Intel’s XMP profiles when installing AMD’s memory modules. The UEFI BIOS is the best and easiest way to overclock RAM. If you pair together ASRock’s 990FX Professional and AMP-capable memory modules, overclocking memory with AMP can almost become a one touch-of-the-finger process.

When it comes to RAM overclocking, you should be able to achieve your goals with the right motherboard. The enthusiast-level Fatal1ty 990FX Professional is capable of outperforming any other device with its superb performance and features. It’s well equipped with premium gold capacitors and a special Fatal1ty mouse port. The board even supports the much-anticipated AMD AMP profile, so it’s easy to get maximum memory performance from your system. To enjoy AMD’s new AMP memory technology, all you need to do is simply update your Fatal1ty 990FX Professional motherboard with the latest BIOS:

Getting more from your memory is much easier now. ASRock consistently strikes the right combination of value, design, and dependable motherboard solutions. Fatal1ty 990FX Professional is just the one to deliver extreme amounts of overclocking. There will also be more models that support AMD’s AMP available soon.

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About ASRock

ASRock, established in 2002, is a leading motherboard manufacturer. The company explores the limit of motherboard manufacturing, which its “3C,” “creativity, consideration, and cost effectiveness” motto reflects. It is also eco-conscious and develops products with the environment in mind.

ASRock has grown quickly to become the world’s third-largest motherboard brand with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, and branches in Europe and the United States. The young and vibrant company targets a wide range of motherboard customers and is famous for the reliability and features that its motherboards offer.

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