Even Extreme Overclockers are Human After All

Many of you enjoyed our feature on the recently concluded GO OC 2010 finals—especially when we featured the “welcome diversion” of four scantily-clad women taking the stage.

We even caught eventual champion Matose looking up from his setup to check out the action, even as he was increasing his lead over eventual runner-up stephenyeong (pictured above, and also distracted). The Romanian winner admitted to being “inspired” by what he saw, an implied concession to his very normal tendency to check out good-looking members of the fairer sex. Even the most extreme overclockers are human after all.

But those show-stoppers weren’t the only eye-candy on hand at the event, which is why we’ve just published The Babes of GO OC 2010 for your enjoyment. May the chance to see these women up-close and personal inspire overclockers to qualify for next year's finals!

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  • aznguy0028
    LOL at the picture... it's like he's seen salvation xD
  • h8signingin
    How inspiring...
  • proxy711
    He should be careful not to drop that liquid nitrogen in his lap as he drools over the babes.