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Corsair H115i RGB Platinum Hits an All-Time Low of $115

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum cooler
(Image credit: Newegg)

The best CPUs also need one of the best CPU coolers, and there are some great Cyber Monday tech deals to help out. The Corsair H115i RGB Platinum is a couple of years old now, but whether you're after the Ryzen 9 5950X or Core i9-10900K, it will keep your CPU nicely chilled. Better yet, it's now priced at an all-time low, sitting at $115, compared to a normal price of $150 or more. 

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum:  was $169.99, now $114.99 at Newegg

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum: was $169.99, now $114.99 at Newegg
The Corsair H115i RGB Platinum is a large and powerful 280mm AIO that can cool the fastest CPUs. It supports most recent sockets. Promo code 23BKFCYM372 gets you an extra $5 off.

For some things, bigger is better, and that generally applies to AIO liquid coolers. The H115i has dual 140mm fans and a 280mm radiator, which ends up being very similar in cooling capabilities to a triple 120mm fan / 360mm radiator. It's wider but not as long. You still, though, need to make sure there's room for it in your case. You also get RBG lighting on the fans and the waterblock, which can be configured using Corsair's iCue app.

With peak power on CPUs like the 10900K hitting up to 250W, it's more important than ever to have a good cooler. The initial mounting process for an AIO may take a bit longer than a standard air cooler, but if you're the type of enthusiast who likes to swap components — CPU or GPU in particular — having a waterblock instead of a massive air cooler makes things far easier and avoids most clearance issues.

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