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HTC Discounts Vive, VR Content For Black Friday, Cyber Monday Sales

Editor's Note: These deals have all expired. Check out our current list of best black friday deals.

If you’ve been planning to pick up a Vive but you don’t want to pay full price, HTC just gave you a reason (opens in new tab) to get excited. The company is getting ready for two of the biggest sales days of the year and is offering sizeable discounts on hardware and software.

The HTC Vive VR system isn’t a cheap piece of technology. The privilege to enjoy room-scale VR in your home comes with a steep price tag of $799 plus a VR-ready computer, which is a hard pill for many people to swallow. HTC released the Vive VR system just seven months ago, so we don’t expect to see permanent price drops any time soon, but that’s not stopping HTC from trying to entice you to buy one now.  

HTC revealed that it is discounting the Vive bundle by $100 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ll be able to pick up the whole kit, including the headset, motion controls, and two base stations for $699. The discounted bundles include the three software titles that come with all Vive orders. You’ll get The Gallery: Call of The Starseed, Zombie Training Simulator, and a copy of Google’s VR art program, Tilt Brush.

If you already have a Vive, or you are hoping to fill your software library up after purchasing a new kit, HTC has you covered there too. The company is offering a $5 bundle through Viveport that includes three VR apps. The bundle features Soundstage, Arcade Artist, and Lumen

HTC is also offering deep discounts on a variety of content available on the Viveport platform. A total of 22 titles are going on sale for 50% off during the holiday weekend.

  • A Chair in a Room: Greenwater
  • Adventurous Life VR
  • C O S M Worlds Within Worlds
  • Cineveo
  • Cloudlands: VR Minigolf
  • Cmoar VR Cinema
  • Daylight’s End (US only)
  • Emily Wants to Play
  • Grand Canyon
  • Heaven Island Life
  • Konrad the Kitten
  • La Peri
  • Oneiric Sculptures – Rodin
  • Potioneer: The VR Gardening Simulator
  • Ricerca
  • Star Chart
  • Stars
  • The Night the Carsons Disappeared
  • Think Space
  • Toon Ocean
  • VV player
  • World of Diving

The Viveport Black Friday sale starts at 11:59 pm PT on November 24, 2016. The sale runs through the weekend and ends at 11:59 pm PT on November 28.

If you don’t have Viveport installed, you can find the install package here (opens in new tab).

Update, 11/21/2016, 1:05pm PT: HTC reached out to inform us that Google's Tilt Brush is no longer part of the Vive bundle. 

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

  • iPanda
    lol, damn, that's what i get for not waiting a few days. :)
  • stingray71
    Still see no reason to buy.
  • KD_Gaming
    "Still see no reason to buy."
    well there are plenty of reasons to buy... like me you just find the price a little high for those reasons.
    Personally id like to use it in racing games. Having that in the car feel would be cool.
  • engineer5261
    I still cant afford it....
  • bit_user
    18897966 said:
    I still cant afford it....
    In 2017, Microsoft's partners will release lower-cost models. Can't say how they'll compare, but maybe something PSVR-like. Later, next year, I'm hoping $800 will buy a wireless Vive v2.

    If you can't wait until then, Amazon currently has the OSVR HDK2 on sale for $360:

    Read the reviews, however, before taking the plunge.
  • caustin582
    18897876 said:
    Still see no reason to buy.

    Unless... you want one?
  • Sakkura
    There are also Black Friday deals on the Oculus Rift, if anyone's wondering.

    They could both use a boost in sales.
  • old_newbie
    YES! Been waiting for a price drop; either that or the release of an upgraded model. Was even considering getting a used one off of Ebay (Ugh). This price drop/discount is good because 1) I can instead get a 'brand new' Vive at lower price and 2) If a newer model now comes out at the original price point, at least I didn't pay the same amount for an older version.
  • wifiburger
    is that it ? 100$ off, seriously it's like getting 500$ discount on a new car , totally worthless !
  • bit_user
    18905206 said:
    is that it ? 100$ off, seriously it's like getting 500$ discount on a new car , totally worthless !
    It's probably not a high-margin product, to begin with, so 12.5% off is pretty good. I wouldn't hold out for much better.

    If you got a comparable discount on a car amounting to $500, then you're talking about a $4000 car. A comparable discount on a $20k car would be $2500.

    But even if it were free, I'm sure you'd have a litany of reasons to pass this one by. It's okay if you don't like VR, but you don't have to hate on it quite so much. If VR-related news bothers you so much, maybe find another site?