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2TB for $250: Intel’s 660p NVMe SSD Drops to Cheap SATA Pricing (Updated)

UPDATE:Newegg has run out of stock for this item, so the sale has come to an end. However, you can still get the 512GB model for $74 (opens in new tab).

Intel’s 660p M.2 SSD was impressively affordable when it debuted earlier this year, selling for about $0.20-per-GB, and earning our Editor’s Choice award thanks to its speedy performance and low price. The only caveat is, because this is a quad-level-cell drive (QLC, the first of its kind), rated endurance isn’t great, particularly on lower-capacity models. So you don’t want to use this drive in a server or some other situation where it’s getting hammered with writes all day and night. (opens in new tab)

Newegg is now selling the top-capacity 2TB 660p M.2 drive (with an endurance rating of 400TBW) for $249.99 (opens in new tab). That works out to $0.125-per-GB, which is a low price even for a budget SATA SSD. The rated sequential reads and writes for the 2TB 660p drive are 1800MBps, which is more than three times the theoretical top speed for a SATA drive. So if you can afford to drop $250 on a boot drive, this is a real steal.

Our testing shows that the 660p is also power efficient, making it a good pick for a laptop drive as well. Just remember that you’ll need an M.2 slot that expressly supports NVMe (some only support SATA) to use this drive. And if you’re looking for something less spacious and more affordable, Newegg is also selling a 512GB model of the 660p for $74.99 (opens in new tab). Just know that that model has lesser speed and endurance ratings. Both drives ship with 5-year warranties.

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