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Intel CPU Prices Finally Hit MSRP Ahead of Black Friday

For the first time in months, some of Intel’s CPU prices started to drop to a bit of a reasonable price. But don’t go calling it a Black Friday deal, Cyber Monday deal or holiday shopping deal.

These new prices are really close to the company’s suggested retail price. So don’t go calling them doorbusters. Just take a look at these charts from PCPartPicker (we’ve added the processor names in red):

Here’s the Core i5-8600K. Over the last few months, we’ve seen it often hit anywhere between $280 and $300, but Intel recommends $257 to $258. As of this writing you can get it for a little less on Amazon (opens in new tab) or B&H (opens in new tab).

The Core i7-8700K is in a similar situation. Intel suggests it could go for between $359 and $370, but it went closer to $400, sometimes more, often over the last few months. Amazon and Newegg are both selling under price as of this report. We also saw the non-K version, the Core i7-8700, selling for more reasonable prices.

We’re also finally seeing 9th Gen CPUs hit expected pricing. Intel suggests $262 to $263, but we’ve often see it much higher. Right now, Newegg has it for $249.99.

So what is this indicative of, exactly? It’s hard to know how long these prices are going to stay as they are. Intel has been having a very public shortage of Coffee Lake and Coffee Lake Refresh, so it seems that this return to the MSRP may be a temporary reprieve to be combative this holiday season.

After all, AMD has been slashing prices in the last few days and, and we expect to see Ryzen 1000-series chips to be excellent deals. After all, 2000-series Ryzen chips have already been selling below MSRP.

So if one of these Intel CPUs is what you’ve been waiting for, read reviews and then pull the trigger if it suits you. But don’t go calling it a bargain, because it’s what Intel had hoped to sell these things for all along.

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