Interview With a Booth Babe

We found booth babe A-mi trying out Battlefield: Bad Company 2 when we approached her for an interview (if you're wondering why, ask the editors). A-mi was very personable—she didn't automatically assume this writer was hitting on her! Her enthusiasm to accommodate was limited only be her lack of English fluency. Luckily a Rosewill representative was on hand to provide a rough translation of our questions.

How did you get the job? Do you have an agency?
I have an agent who just contacts me with gigs. If I'm free, then it's a simple matter of following the job requirements.

How many times have you been a show model?
I just started last December, but I've already lost count! (The translating rep then piped in: "She's very experienced!")

Is this a full-time or part-time job? If part-time what else do you do?
My being a booth babe is a part-time thing. I'm a student at Chinese Culture University, studying Economics. I graduate next year, if things go according to plan!

What is your dream job?
(Pointing eagerly at her employer's logo) I want to work for Rosewill! (Laughter all around)

Do you have to train to become a booth babe?
Before I started accepting gigs, I did a little practice posing for pics and catwalking.

How do you maintain your figure?
Mountain climbing! My university is on the Yang Ming mountain! Seriously though, we do a lot of walking here in Taipei.

Do a lot of men ask for your phone number or ask you out on a date? Has anyone tried stalking you?
People always ask for my number as a joke, or at least that's what I think! Some guys used to follow me around the MRT (Taipei's Light Rail Mass Transit System), but that's it.

How many hours do you have to work for each day of computex?
8 hours, with a 30 minute lunch break.

What's the average rate for booth babes here in Taipei?
Per hour it's around NT$400 to NT$500 Taiwanese Dollars on ($12.50 to $15.50) average. The minimum monthly wage in Taiwan is NT$17,280 ($535). At an estimated minimum hourly wage of NT$108 ($3.35), that's good money!

So how is it being a booth babe?
I like being a booth babe (the term they actually use is "show girl")! I get to meet a lot of new people and see new things! But my back does get sore after an entire day of standing up in heels.

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  • greatsaltedone
    Ack, humanization! The illusion is lost!
  • michaelssw
    Guy: Do you come with the game?
    Booth Babe: Tehehehe

    Next Guy: Do you come with the game?
    Booth Babe: Tehehehe

    Next Guy: Do you come with...
  • zmbcat
    but can she play crysis?
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  • greatsaltedone
    Ack, humanization! The illusion is lost!
  • mp562
    Wow, what an excellent, amazing interview...NOT !!!
  • gayan
    I dnt know what to say.... I started reading thinking of it as a joke (a mock piece) but at the end of reading it I was sort of a happy for her (been a college student and earning while studying and all)... good for her... (but hope she will finish college and get on to a proper career though... :)