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Razer’s BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Keyboard is on sale for $115 (32% off)

Razer's BlackWidow Elite is on sale at 33% off!

There’s nothing we love more than irritating our colleagues and family members with loud, tactile, clicky switches. They’re a joy to type on, and boy do they sound good. Well at least for the user anyway. Razer’s BlackWidow Elite mechanical gaming keyboard, is currently on sale for just under $115. That’s an impressive 32% off its RRP.

Razer’s always been a bit of an interesting character when it comes to mechanical keyboards. One of the first companies out there to pioneer its own switch technology, the Razer Green provides a tactile mechanical feel with an impressive 80 million keystroke lifespan. As for models, the BlackWidow is by far the oldest in Razer’s arsenal, yet the Elite, a fairly recent variant.

What sets the Elite apart?

The big changes include a rather plush premium wrist rest (and we all know how important those are), dedicated media keys including a volume control wheel, better RGB lighting, a full set of re-programmable macro keys, USB 2.0 and audio pass-throughs, all housed within a svelte aluminum chassis.

Volume scroll wheels make us happy

The beauty of this variant actually lies in how you can configure it. Of course you’re encouraged to use Razer’s own Synapse software suite, however you can also control everything thanks to its on-board key switches. That includes lighting, and macro profiles. All thanks to a combination of both on-board and cloud based profile storage. Take the BlackWidow Elite to a tournament with limited access to programs, and your keyboard will remember how you set it up. Get home, after updating your profiles online, and you can sync your keyboard back up with the cloud. Neat huh? Check out our full review of the Elite’s little brother the Razer BlackWidow Lite here.

It’s all about that key switch

The big decision maker though is going to be that switch type though. From personal experience, the feel you get from clicking a Razer Green is, in this humble writer’s opinion at least, far superior to that of a Cherry MX Blue (a bold statement I know). However it is a loud switch, and your other half, or work colleagues might not be quite as amused as you are when you’re using it. The BlackWidow Elite does come with alternatives to the Green if that’s not to your liking though. There’s the Razer Orange, featuring the same tactile click, yet with a dampening o-ring situated in each switch, reducing overall noise (and a slight compromise on key feel if we’re honest), and the Razer Yellow, which is a more traditional linear, silent switch. The only problem? Neither of those two switch types are in the deal.

That said, at $115 this really does pull the rug out from under the flagship mech keyboards from other manufacturers such as Corsair and HyperX. Check out our best gaming keyboards for 2019 article for more of our favorite keyboards.


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Image Credits: Tom's Hardware / Razer

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