XFX is Looking for Gamer Girls to Be Models

Probably not in the running for XFX Girl 2.0, but still booth babes.Probably not in the running for XFX Girl 2.0, but still booth babes.

Like it or not, the tech industry still likes its booth babes. But rather than just go about it with just babes at trade show booths, why not employ one full time to be the face of your company? That's what graphics card manufacturer XFX is thinking too.

XFX has just launched a new 8-week search "for the girl who has it all—specifically looks and technical aptitude." The search, which the company calls XFX Girl 2.0, is scouring the world for a new spokesmodel who is 21 years or older, able to commit to a one-year contract and be willing to travel internationally. The spokesmodels also must be able to create, post and maintain the XFX Girl Vlog and interact on the XFX Girl Facebook and MySpace pages.

“We really wanted to move beyond having a ‘face’ of XFX, which is what we have done in the past,” explains Director of Global Brand & Marketing, Eddie Memon. “Gaming is a very interactive experience, and our goal is to make our next spokesmodel a physical embodiment of that, talking with and sharing her gaming experiences with our fans. We believe that our fans will enjoy the ability to interact with the brand through XFX Girl 2.0.”

The XFX Girl 2.0 search runs from October 5 through December 1, with the new spokesmodel announced on December 13. Those interested can enter here.

Fans can watch the best video submissions and help promote their favorites for consideration on Facebook

XFX Challenge Phase 1


Do you think that this is just marketing that knows what its target market wants, or is this just plain silliness?

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  • type1fan
    Girl 2.0 is still a little buggy. It crashes occasionally and when it gets corrupted, it takes half of your stuff and keys your car. I'd wait for Girl 7.0 personally. It should be out soon.
  • hixbot
    but can she play Crysis?
  • ttangx
    Girl 2.0 is so much better than the old 1.0 version
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  • ttangx
    Girl 2.0 is so much better than the old 1.0 version
  • wildwell
    It's certainly a marketing experiment. Aside from online via Facebook, vlog etc. and in-person at tradeshows, how else does XFX intend to have their spokes-model interact with customers? As a ring-card girl at gaming contests?
  • ptroen
    I think this will discredit the gamer more then anything else and reinforce the gaming stereotype. But without proper marketing research this is what you end up, sponsors of hardware promoting "gamers".

    Fact is for proper professional gaming coverage you would need to have a large budget starting from the game manfucator all the way down the value chain to the live event hosting areas(which are probably casinos or live sporting areas). Also all of the stakeholder's in the value chain would need feedback back and forth to ensure that the gaming can grow because this could take many years to properly build it up from a gaming hit to live events to national coverage. Professional gaming isn't really here because few successful gaming companies have the resourcee,industry knowledge and understanding of the professional gaming requirements to build a pro gamer brand.