The Babes Of Computex 2008, Day 1

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  • htoonthura
    what's up with them. they are not hot.
  • rz_bahri
    hey man the big companies are out of elegance. else XFX i think...
  • Desertlax
    that looks like the unreal tournament symbol on picture 11, though I don't know what character.
  • Anonymous
    Where are the studs?

    Why always only post women, never men? Now I would admit the majority of geeks that read this stuff are male, but there are a significant number of females that would like to see the male also objectified as your site so eloquently does.

  • Titanius
  • nines-
    Mass Asians FTW
  • Aquaman123
    htoonthurawhat's up with them. they are not hot.

    Its either you are a woman or gay :(
  • gm0n3y
    I don't think they have booth studs, sorry.

    Some of these girls are attractive, but more importantly, do they know anything about their respective products?
  • Yager
    Desertlaxthat looks like the unreal tournament symbol on picture 11, though I don't know what character.

    That is just the thermaltake symbol.
  • clownbaby
    someone needs to check these girls ID's......
  • SpeedyVV
    Hitachi FTW
  • NinjaRigger
    ^^^Thats a Thermal Take symbol... oh yeah, and once again, another trade show, another batch of less than hot chics...
  • Anonymous
    On pic 11 You can see Tt on her cuff. Thermaltake. First two are nice, intel and nvidia.
  • sidereus
    realist... :P
  • Pei-chen
    Wow, only Intel knows how to pick Asian chicks. I won't comment on the two non-Asian but most of the Asian chicks are just average; I'm from Taiwan so I know.
  • grasshopper80

    I'm not sure what you meant by typing the word feminist. Was that supposed to be a statement of some sort because just typing a random noun followed by an ellipsis really doesn't convey much meaning. A feminist is someone, male or female, who believes in social, political and economic equality between the sexes.

  • rantarave
    AMD must be having a rough time looking at theese pictures
  • cruiseoveride
    haha, i dont think those tech companies hire male models, unless you want to see the odd engineer on the floor....
  • mr roboto
    Because it's not a blond with big t*ts, so she's not hot? She's very cute. You need too broaden your horizons and give the rest of the world some love.
  • fulle

    The IT crowd is dominantly male, even you admit that, so we like cute girls in police costumes... If there were a significant amount of females that would like to see males "objectified", I wouldn't be offended at all. Might even volunteer to wear a costume, but since women are a minority in this industry, and overall less responsive to these types of tactics, it would be a waste.

    *I'm writing too much on this already: but anyway, in advertising women actually respond more to other women, than to men. Open up a Cosmo mag, and count how many "objectified" women there are compared to men. If men are present, often they are sort of in the background, as accessories to the women portrayed.

    Anyway, I like the hitachi girls. Lol