Overclocking 9 Value-Priced DDR2-800 Kits

Mushkin SP6400 Standard Value Memory

Mushkin is the third brand in this lineup to offer "standard-grade" PC2-6400 modules, but only the second to actually send us a sample. For around $233, Mushkin SP6400 996529 memory kits provide the easy setup you’d expect from standard-grade parts, with the quality that Mushkin is known for.

SPD timings of 5-5-5-18 at an 800 MHz data rate and 1.80 V match JEDEC standards exactly, and a second SPD value of 4-4-4-12 at a 533 MHz data rate extends compatibility to slower platforms. As with Buffalo’s modules, DDR2-667 values are not present, but Mushkin also does away with the nearly-useless DDR2-400 automatic configuration.

OCZ Gold GX XTC Revision 2 PC2-6400

Not long ago, OCZ Gold Revision 2 DDR2 was considered a top contender based on performance and overclockability, at least compared to anything but the highest-priced competition. But everything else has moved forward, including OCZ’s own product line, leaving the "old rev 2" in the "value" category !

OCZ Gold GX XTC PC2-6400 (part number OCZ2G800R22GK) memory kits sell for as little as $213, a good starting point for achieving top value. Like "industry standard" modules, it boots at an 800 MHz data rate and CAS 5 using the default 1.80 V that most motherboards provide, but at 15-cycles RAS rather than the more common 18-cycles.

SPD timings of 5-5-5-15 at an 800 MHz data rate and 4-5-5-13 at 667 MHz data rate extends compatibility from the latest high-end platforms to older/slower/cheaper systems. A third value of 3-4-4-10 at a 540 MHz data rate is probably meant to work with 533 MHz configurations - I didn’t have any motherboards with a 533 MHz maximum supported data rate to test this theory, however.

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