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Roundup: The Best SSDs For Enthusiasts

Benchmark Results: Access Time And I/O Performance

Access Time

There are access time differences, but they’re typically too small to matter in everyday operation.

I/O Performance

The performance differences using our database workload pattern are quite significant. The SandForce SSDs by G-Skill, RunCore, OWC, OCZ, Corsair, and Asax, as well as the Crucial’s RealSSD C300, present the best options for reading and writing many small data chunks. The Intel and Samsung SSDs are right in the middle, and some other products are obviously unsuitable, mostly because of latencies at write operations.

Differences in the file server test pattern are similar, but a bit less dramatic.

The Web server test does not include writes, which turns some of our results upside-down. The RealSSD C300 can play its throughput card, while Intel, Samsung, and all the SandForce devices come out shining, as well.

The workstation test involves lots of writes, again skewing toward the SandForce SSDs. Samsung and Intel don’t seem to be as strong, but look at the CrystalDiskMark results on the following pages for another angle of the performance evaluation.