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Roundup: The Best SSDs For Enthusiasts

Benchmark Results: h2benchw Throughput And Iometer Streaming

We already mentioned the potential benefits for SandForce drives when using h2benchw as a benchmark. This is not an issue with other drives, but the peak performance possible on SSD designs such as Samsung’s new 470-series and even the RealSSD C300 are not reflected well here. However, we still value h2benchw’s insight into average and minimum throughput. In the end, you certainly don’t want to purchase an SSD that might reach great peak performance, but then fall to pathetic lows at the drop of a hat.

Write throughput suffers on several SSD designs because of architectural limitations. The devices that operate on fewer flash memory channels are impacted most. Intel’s X25-M sprints like mad in all of the other benchmarks, but it doesn’t write as fast as others.