SilverStone Strider Titanium ST80F-TI PSU Review

Packaging, Contents, Exterior And Cabling


The box is quite large, and on its front the model number is prominently displayed. You'll also find a small list with the PSU's most important features, including the Titanium-class efficiency, Japanese caps, modular cables, the max operating temperature, and the 120mm fan, which, despite its relatively small size, promises quiet operation.

Technical and power specification tables are found on the top of the package, along with a graphical list depicting the available cables and connectors. Around back, the email address of SilverStone's support department is highlighted in large letters. Several graphs and diagrams show the efficiency and fan speed curves, along with the unit's compact dimensions.


The PSU is well protected inside its box. SilverStone bundles an extra fan filter that you'll find on top.

All of the other accessories are stored inside a small box. The bundle includes Velcro straps, zip ties, fixing bolts, and thumbscrews, along with the aforementioned magnetic fan filter and an AC power cord. Unfortunately, no pouch is provided, which could have come in handy for storing unused modular cables.


This is a very compact 800W PSU. In fact, it has the same exact footprint as the ST60F-TI, despite 200W-higher maximum power. If your chassis is limited in the size of PSU it'll accommodate, a smaller model like this one is ideal. On the other hand, if you can get by with 500W or 600W of peak output, there are also compelling SFX-based options out there bundled with ATX adapters.

The ST80F-TI's light-matte finish is of good quality, though the external design is cosmetically nothing new. Around front, you will only find the AC receptacle since there is no power switch.

The large specifications label is installed on one side; a couple of stickers on the other depict the PSU's version and serial numbers.

The modular sockets are covered by silicone caps. This is a nice touch on such an expensive PSU. A small, misaligned sticker has information on where you should connect the corresponding cables. As you can see, there is an extra four-pin header for the 24-pin ATX cable, which provides some additional sense wires to help achieve tighter load regulation.


All cables are flat and stealth. They don't have any extra filtering capacitors installed, though they probably should given the platform's susceptibility to ripple. Then again, that would likely affect efficiency since every cap has a small resistance (called ESR), which leads to energy losses. Cable quality isn't the best we have seen, especially on the main ATX cable. Moreover, SilverStone should mark the ATX connector where it interfaces with the PSU. Both sides of the cable have an extra four-pin connector, so some users could be confused.

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  • JQB45
    Tier-3 and I think I am being generous. I never thought I would see a Titanium rated unit with such poor performance. I base my decision on the 12V ripple and hold up time.
  • gdmaclew
    I'm not surprised that silverstone opted not to supply an on-off switch. In fact, I can see no reason why this brand keeps getting the high ratings it enjoys.
    I bought one 3 years ago to replace a defective PC Power and cooling PSU.
    the Silverstone 80 Plus gold (Strider S series) lasted just 9 months before it started to produce erratic voltage levels. Sent back for a replacement and that one lasted 15 months. I now have that unit's replacement but it is now a spare to my Corsir RX750.
    At least they honored their warranty...twice.
  • maxwellmelon

    they say ripple on 12 volt spec is 120mv so they don't even say themselves that its going to have a ripple under 100 which the writer of this article was expecting. why expect something that the manufacture of this psu didn't say it would do
  • Andi lim
    Too little Elco and Solid Capacitors on secondary side cause poor ripple and hol up time. Must set new standart, Platinum and Titanium Level should not exceed 50mV on all output rail.