SilverStone Strider Titanium ST80F-TI PSU Review

Protection Features Evaluation

If you want to know more about PSU protection technologies, check out our PSUs 101 article.

Our protection features evaluation methodology is described in detail here.

Protection Features
OCP12V: -
5V: 36.4A (165%)
3.3V: 37A (168%)
5VSB: >160%
OPP129.75% (1038W)
OTPYes (at 47 °C ambient)
SCP12V: Yes
5V: Yes
3.3V: Yes
5VSB: Yes
-12V: Yes
PWR_OKDoes not function correctly
SIPSurge Protection: MOV
Inrush Protection: NTC (lacks bypass relay)

Over-temperature protection kicks in at around 47 °C ambient. Since the PSU is only rated at up to 40 °C for full power delivery, this trigger point appears to be set correctly. On the contrary, the OPP point is set way too high. To make matters even worse, it allows for excess ripple on the +12V and 3.3V rails. Given that this platform suffers from poor ripple suppression, SilverStone should restrict the OPP triggering point close to the PSU's max power rating. Moreover, OCP on the minor rails is set high. We stopped at 4A on the 5VSB rail since that's already 160% higher than its nominal capacity.

As expected, there is SCP on all rails, including the -12V one, and the unit is able to operate properly with no load on its rails. On the other hand, the PWR_OK signal drops when the rails are already out of spec (way too late). There is surge protection, and an NTC thermistor is used for lowering inrush currents. Unfortunately, there is no bypass relay to cool it down quickly.

Load Regulation Charts (Max Rated Power to OPP Triggering Point)

The load regulation deviations in each of the charts below were calculated by taking the nominal values of the rails (12V, 5V and 3.3V) as point zero.

Ripple Charts (Max Rated Power to OPP Triggering Point)

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  • JQB45
    Tier-3 and I think I am being generous. I never thought I would see a Titanium rated unit with such poor performance. I base my decision on the 12V ripple and hold up time.
  • gdmaclew
    I'm not surprised that silverstone opted not to supply an on-off switch. In fact, I can see no reason why this brand keeps getting the high ratings it enjoys.
    I bought one 3 years ago to replace a defective PC Power and cooling PSU.
    the Silverstone 80 Plus gold (Strider S series) lasted just 9 months before it started to produce erratic voltage levels. Sent back for a replacement and that one lasted 15 months. I now have that unit's replacement but it is now a spare to my Corsir RX750.
    At least they honored their warranty...twice.
  • maxwellmelon

    they say ripple on 12 volt spec is 120mv so they don't even say themselves that its going to have a ripple under 100 which the writer of this article was expecting. why expect something that the manufacture of this psu didn't say it would do
  • Andi lim
    Too little Elco and Solid Capacitors on secondary side cause poor ripple and hol up time. Must set new standart, Platinum and Titanium Level should not exceed 50mV on all output rail.