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2013 Subaru Legacy Sedan: A Mid-Size Ride With Practical Tech

Music And Movie Playback

The navigation system features HD Radio, SiriusXM, USB input, and DivX video playback support. Subaru installs the USB port inside the center armrest alongside a standard 1/8" auxiliary input jack and a 12 V cigarette lighter outlet. There’s also a convenient little notch cut into the console for routing cables up to the front.

Playing back music is pretty straightforward. The HD Radio tuner is nice to have if you (like I) spend a lot of time listening to the radio. Its quality is substantially better than conventional AM/FM signals. For those of you with an Apple device, you can use HD Radio tagging to identify tracks you'd like to purchase later on iTunes. SiriusXM functionality is more basic; you get no time-shifting or recording features.

When you plug something in to the USB port, be it a flash drive or Apple device, you're greeted by an interface that conveys track data and album cover art. You're able to navigate through the USB-attached storage by folder.

DivX video playback is supported, though we didn't have any files that would work. Frankly, we're not quite sure why Subaru found it necessary to include DivX compatibility, particularly since the feature is only exposed while the Legacy is at a complete stop.

Steering Wheel Controls

Infotainment controls on the 2013 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited's steering wheel are mounted on the left side, which is where we want them to be. There are inputs for volume, navigating tracks, mode selection, voice commands, and the phone, all with a thumb's reach.