No Trip Without The Driver: An Excursion Into The Software Behind Today's Hardware

Test Setup

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Hardware Setup
CPUsIntel Pentium III, 866 MHzAMD Athlon-C, 1200 MHz
MemoryIntel: 2x 128 MB PC133 SDRAM CL2 Wichmann WorkxAMD: 2x 128 MB PC2100 DDR CL2.5 Micron/Crucial
MotherboardsIntel: MSI 815E Pro (MS-6337), i815EAMD: DFI AK76-SN, AMD760
Network Card3Com 3C905B-TX
Hard DriveSeagate Barracuda ATA ST320430A
Graphics Cards
Intel SystemnVIDIA GeForce2 GTS, 32 MB
AMD SystemnVIDIA GeForce2 Ultra, 64 MB
Software Setup
Operating SystemWindows 98 SE
DirectX7.0, 8.0a
Quake 3 ArenaRetail Version
MBTRDownloadable Version
SYSmark 2000Patch 5 added
Graphics DriversDetonator 2 (513)Detonator 3 (667, 1241)Detonator 4 (2080)
Storage DriversIntel: Intel Ultra ATA 6.10.011AMD/VIA: VIA 4in1 4.32v
AGP DriversIntel: INF Upgrade 3.00.029AMD/VIA: VIA 4in1 4.34
Refresh Rates85 Hz for each screen resolution