No Trip Without The Driver: An Excursion Into The Software Behind Today's Hardware

Benchmark Results

NVIDIA Driver Version Comparison

The NVIDIA driver comparison was done using the GeForce2 GTS on the Pentium III system described on the test setup page.

NVIDIA Driver Version Comparison: Quake III Arena

At 640x480, there is hardly any difference. At the popular resolution of 1024x768 pixels, the Detonator-3 is 14 fps faster than the predecessor - that is quite a lot. The pre-release version of DetonatorXP rev. 2080 is six frames per second faster. The biggest surprise comes at the overkill resolution. At 1600x1200, the first driver set was not able to exceed 30 fps, which is considered the minimum frame rate for smooth gameplay. The Detonator-3 reaches 36 fps - which still today is a good result. If you have a GeForce2 or GeForce 3 card, you should be looking into the new DetonatorXP driver, as it squeezes out almost 40 fps with our GeForce2 GTS! That's particularly surprising as the amount of data at this resolution is tremendous; the only way to increase frame rate is to optimize data transfers - which is quite a piece of work.

NVIDIA Driver Version Comparison: Mercedes Benz Truck Racing

You can clearly see a huge performance increase between the Detonator 513 and the two Detonator-3 drivers (667 and 1241). The latest DetonatorXP which has just been released ny NVIDIA (rev. 2181, we tested with 2080) again enables more performance.