No Trip Without The Driver: An Excursion Into The Software Behind Today's Hardware

NVIDIA Driver Version Comparison: Advanced Visualizer

In case of the Advanced Visualizer, the new revisions do not enable more performance. It is the other way round: The pre-release DetonatorXP (2080) runs slower with the GeForce 2 GTS.

IDE Driver Analysis: Data Transfer Performance

As you can see, the Windows 98 default IDE driver is an incredible bottleneck after installation, because DMA-mode is not enabled. Although the Seagate hard drive that I used does not belong to the elite any more, it is slowed down considerably by Windows' IDE driver. After upgrading the 815-based motherboard with Intel's latest UltraATA Storage Driver 6.10.011 and the AMD760 board with VIA's 4in1 pack 4.32v (VIA's 686B South Bridge is used), the Seagate hard drive is able to put 27 MB/s on the IDE bus.