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CPU Cooler: Zalman CNPS9700

Zalman's CNPS9700 processor cooler is one of the most popular products for enthusiasts, as it offers a very large copper surface combined with a huge, temperature-controlled 110 mm fan, which provides substantial airflow at low rotation speeds to prevent unnecessary noise.

For this cooling product, the price differences were substantial. The cheapest net price we found was less than $53 (36 euros) in Germany, followed by Australia and the United States. Once again, consumer prices Down Under and in the United States are effectively more attractive, as the sales tax is lower than the value-added tax in Europe. We were rather shocked to see the substantial cost for this product in Canada, France and the United Kingdom, where the net price is over 30% more expensive than in Germany. We can only assume that this has to do with the quantities sold in each of these markets.