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More iPhone 5 Parts Leaked From China

Late July and early August have been busy times for the iPhone 5 rumor mill. With the September announcement inching closer and closer, more photos and videos appear, detailing everything there is to know about the upcoming device. By now, we'd say it is petty safe to assume the new iPhone will be sporting a longer screen, capable of displaying 5 rows of icons on the home screen as opposed to the current 4.

Now, another leaked photo is making its rounds from Chinese forum iColorOS. If the photo turns out to be real, it could prove to be a clear confirmation of the information reported from the previous video released by iPhone parts manufacturer ETrade. In addition to confirming screen dimensions and design, the photo also backs up some other rumors, such as a new micro-SIM card slot and smaller home buttons.

With all of the rumors buzzing about, we can now paint a possible picture of what's to come: a longer, stronger scratch-resistant screen, miniaturized dock connector, 5 rows on the home screen, two-tone metal casing and updated speaker arrangement. However, if history has shown us anything it's that we can never be too sure. We'll just have to wait until the rumored September 12th announcement to find out. Until then, expect more rumors and leaks to generate additional buzz.

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