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Sony Changed DRM Gears After Negative Xbox One Feedback

SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida admitted to Famistu magazine this week that Sony changed its stance on DRM after hearing all the negative feedback stemming from the Xbox One. Prior to E3 2013, Sony had remained withdrawn regarding that topic, whereas Microsoft laid it all out on the table. It wasn't until the Xbox Media Briefing during E3 that we saw the scope of Microsoft's DRM scheme.

Obviously, Sony saw Microsoft's wounds as a time to pounce. Yoshida said there were many people who gave their opinions on that issue directly to him through Twitter before Sony made its presentation at E3 2013. He then admitted that – even though Sony doesn't typically define its hardware policies based on feedback – the subject became a very useful source in regards to what Sony needed to convey about its new console and how to do it.

SCE Japan Asia president Hiroshi Kawano chimed in, saying that Sony is now getting a very positive response. "For this system, we made a list of what people expected from us, debating over each point, with user feedback forming the main basis for the list," Kawano said. "The software makers are also telling us that they feel like they really make some fun stuff with it. A new platform always provides the basis for new forms of play, so I'd like to see it connect to a revitalization of the marketplace."

Not only did Sony cause waves at E3 2013 with its lack of a restrictive DRM scheme for the upcoming PlayStation 4, but it announced that the console would be $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. Of course, Sony had to rip out the motion sensing camera to get the job done, so gamers are still left with a price tag close to the Xbox One once they purchase the standalone $59.99 peripheral. Microsoft's Kinect is already included with the Xbox One.

Currently, Sony is still working on PlayStation 4 pricing in Japan, and plans to showcase the console one more time before it hits store shelves on November 13, 2013. It will likely make another public appearance before or during the Tokyo Game Show slated for September 19, 2013, Kawano said.

"It goes without saying that TGS is a very important event to us, and of course, we strongly feel that it has to be a place where the users are glad they came," Kawano stated. "Also, outside of that, we're preparing other opportunities and places for people to get to grips with the PS4."

Send it to my house. We'll have a launch party. Really.