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HP Unveils Two New Pavilion Sleekbooks

HP has announced two new Pavilion Sleekbooks during CES 2013, with one sporting a touchscreen.

Named the Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook and the Pavilion Sleekbook, both laptops sport 15.6-inch (1,366 x 768) displays, replaceable batteries, as well as numpads.

Also included is trackpads compatible with Windows 8 gestures, as well as HP's CoolSense technology. They'll both be available with three color choices and will boast HP's Imprint finish.

While both models will feature AMD Trinity processors, the TouchSmart starts with an AMD A8 chip and 6 GB of RAM. The non-touch version starts with an A6 APU and 4 GB of memory.

As for storage space, the latter starts with 500 GB of space, while the TouchSmart boasts 750 GB. The touchscreen version is slightly thicker by measuring 23mm thick when compared to the non-touch version's 21mm.

The non-touch Sleekbook is scheduled for a release later this month, with prices starting at $499. The TouchSmart, meanwhile, will launch during February, with prices starting at $699.

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