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ASUS Gaming Headset Includes Rumble Feedback

Recently ASUS launched a new gaming headset called CineVibe, borrowing from console controllers by incorporating a rumble feedback feature, staying true to the "Vibe" portion of its name. Even more, CineVibe requires no drivers or special in-game settings on the PC or Mac end thanks to its USB-based plug & play compatibility.

"ASUS CineVibe is a USB gaming vibration headset and its ear cups conforms to a user’s ears for an enhanced bass experience," the company said. "This special feature gives listeners unbelievably live audio during gaming and movie watching." Apparently the rumble vibrators are actually tuned to low frequency sounds, making it less of a rumble feedback device and more of an audio enhancer.

Built for long gaming sessions, the CineVibe comprises of "breathing," anti-biotic leather cushions, a head-band made with high-density Styrofoam, and a foldable design for easy portability. A control box connected to the USB cable allows the user to set the correct speaker volume, various levels for the integrated microphone, and the amount of vibration. The headset also features a 30-mm sound driver, and comes in black or white models.

The ASUS CineVibe headset is currently on sale over in Europe for £58.99 ($93.69) and supposedly available at various online retailers (although availability looks rather slim). We're still waiting on a general availability in North America.