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BioWare Reveals Mass Effect 2 Story Details

Electronic Arts fired over a press release revealing the plot points from the upcoming second installment of the Mass Effect trilogy. According to EA, players will once again assume the role of Commander Shepard and command a crew on a suicide mission in space to discover why humans are vanishing from the galaxy. Players will assemble the team from a variety of characters including mystics, geniuses, and convicts. Each selected character will have an impact on how the team will survive, ultimately paving a set course on how the game will conclude.

"The Mass Effect trilogy is an epic, action-filled saga with consequences that will carry through from chapter to chapter," said Dr. Ray Muzyka, Group General Manager and Senior Vice President, Electronic Arts, and co-founder and CEO, BioWare. "Building out a diverse and loyal party is one of the features that makes the Mass Effect series quite unique. The characters Commander Shepard recruits are not only pivotal to the storyline, but essential to the player's overall success."

EA also said that a new character will be available: Grunt, a blood-hungry Krogan fighter who is violent and unpredictable. "Grunt has never faced true defeat," EA adds. "His unsurpassed physical strength makes him a strong asset to Commander Shepard's team, if he can be tamed, and if he can be trusted." Grunt is actually the second character to be revealed; EA previously unveiled Thane--a deadly assassin--back in June.

Mass Effect 2 is slated to hit the PC and Xbox 360 in early 2010.