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Psystar Sues Apple Over Snow Leopard

It seems like the Psystar/Apple saga is never going to end. Just when we thought the Mac clone company was running out of steam, Psystar has filed a new suit in the hope that it might be allowed sell machines with Snow Leopard pre-installed.

AppleInsider reports that Florida-based Psystar is eager to bring Apple's latest OS to its line of knock-off Macs. In a court filing Psystar claims that it is entitled to buy copies of Snow Leopard and install them on its own computers, which the company then re-sells. AI reports that the suit alleges that the company is already capable of installing the new operating system on its hardware.

"The Psystar computers that run Mac OS X Snow Leopard are able to do so by running software, written by Psystar, that interfaces with the open-source portion of Mac OS X Snow Leopard," the filing reads, according to AI. "The manner in which Psystar computers run Mac OS X Snow Leopard is entirely different from the manner in which Psystar computers run Mac OS X Leopard."

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