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Source: Jobs Focusing Completely on New Tablet

The Wall Street Journal today carries a report that cites people close to the situation as saying Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been focusing nearly all of his attention on a new tablet since he returned to work at Apple in June.

Though the WSJ sources refused to give details about specs or even a release date, one person claimed that all staff members working on the device were under a lot of pressure from Jobs, especially when it came to advertising and marketing. Another source said Jobs' involvement was making some employees uneasy, as they'd all gotten quite used to the freedoms they had when he was on six months leave.

The WSJ goes on to say that Mr Jobs said in an email, "much of your information is incorrect" but declined to provide specifics, and an Apple spokesperson refused to comment.

This isn't the first report we've heard that puts Steve Jobs at the helm of the ship in regards to the Apple tablet project. Late in July, Apple Insider quoted reliable sources who said the tablet had been in development for four years. AI's sources claimed the project was the brainchild of founder and CEO Steve Jobs and as a result, everything had to be perfect. Today's WSJ report similarly claims that Steve Jobs has killed the tablet project twice.

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