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ASRock X570 Motherboards Listed At EEC

An entry at the Eurasian Economic Comission (EEC) shows that ASRock could be preparing up to nine AMD motherboards based on the upcoming X570 chipset.

AMD will roll out its third-generation Ryzen desktop processors in the third quarter of this year. The Ryzen 3000-series chips will be base on the Zen 2 processor microarchitecture. They will be fabricated by TSMC with the 7nm manufacturing process and support PCIe 4.0, which has a throughput of 16 GT/s.  In order to exploit the new interface, AMD will launch the X570 chipset alongside the aforementioned processors. The latest news is that ASMedia will most likely continue to produce AMD's chipsets for the chipmaker.

ASRock is keen to jump on AMD's Ryzen 3000-series bandwagon, and who wouldn't? At CES 2019, AMD pitched an early pre-production Ryzen 3000-series chip with eight cores and 16 threads against the Intel Core i9-9900K in the Cinebench R15 benchmark. The results were mesmerizing as it appeared that AMD has completely caught up to Intel in multi-core performance. The Ryzen part put up a score of 2,057 points to out-edge the Core i9-9900K's 2,040 score.

The Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer will reportedly offer nine motherboard with different characteristics across the brand's vast product lines. The ASRock X570 Taichi would probably be the flagship model like in the past. Other high-end offerings would include the ASRock X570 Extreme4 and X570 Pro models. ASRock also has a few models planned for the gaming market, such as the X570 Phantom Gaming X, 6, and 4.

  • ASRock X570 Taichi
  • ASRock X570 Extreme4
  • ASRock X570 Pro4
  • ASRock X570 Pro4 R2.0
  • ASRock X570M Pro4
  • ASRock X570M Pro4 R2.0
  • ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X
  • ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 6
  • ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4

ASRock launched two B450 Steel Legend motherboards a couple of days ago. The ECC listing also reveals a few more unannounced models, such as the B450M Solid Titan, B450 Solid Titan, B450 Solid Steel, and B450M Solid Steel. The Steel Legend product line appears to focus on the AMD's budget-oriented chipset. Therefore, it wouldn't be a shock if ASRock pumped out a few AMD B550 models in the future.