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Beats Reveals New Solo 3 Headphones Following Apple Deal

Yesterday, Apple confirmed what we'd been hearing for weeks. The company was acquiring Beats Electronics and Beats Music for a whopping $3 billion.  While the technology industry ruminates on the acquisition and what it means for Apple's music endeavors, it's back to business as usual at Beats Electronics.

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Beats today announced the Solo 2. This is a refresh of the company's popular Solo headphones. Beats is promising an emotional sound experience thanks to a more dynamic and wider range of sound that offers improved clarity. The company has also redesigned the headphones with no visible screws and upped the comfort factor with a curvier frame for the headband, and angled ear cups that pivot. For those of us who find over-the-ear headphones a little bit hot and sweaty, the Solo 2s also apparently dissipate heat too. iPhone or iPod users have the added functionality of controlling their music via the RemoteTalk cable. If you're using any other device... Well, sorry.

Though this is the first Beats product unveiled since the acquisition, Apple obviously had very little to do with the production of these headphones. What will be really interesting is how Beats Electronics products start to evolve six months or a year down the road. One thing we can be sure of is that the RemoteTalk cable is unlikely to get support for Android or Windows Phone or any other platform now that Apple owns Beats.

The Beats Solo 2 headphones are priced at $220 and will be available in pink, blue, grey, black, white, and Beats red.

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