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The Best Intel Gamer Day Deals

Forget back-to-school season. Intel is celebrating PC gamers during its first ever Intel Gamer Days 2018. The two-week celebration includes limited-time savings on all things related to gaming.

As part of the event, retailers are taking up to $700 off gaming rigs, up to 30 percent off motherboards and components, and up to $100 off PC cases and power supplies. Participating stores include Newegg, Walmart, Dell, Microsoft, Best Buy, and more.

A few standout deals include:

Gaming Rigs

Components & Peripherals

Intel Gamer Day deals will be available through September 16.

  • DookieDraws
    Nice! The more sales, the better! I would also like to see more games come bundled (your choice of game(s)) with certain high-end components. Or, simply not charge us so much to begin with. That'll work too! :P :P

    Would like to do a new build in the coming months for BFV, but gonna need to wait for those sales. Got a few friends and relatives wanting us all to play it together.
  • Jay_29
    Hah, all these mediocre, lukewarm "deals".
  • AgentLozen
    I think lukewarm is a good summary word here. Not bad, not good.