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Best Deals on SSD and Storage for 2019

These days, there's just no reason to be booting off of an old-school, mechanical hard drive. Nor do you have to settle for a low-capacity SSD or one with poor performance. With the price of Flash memory dropping like a rock and new advances in controller technology, you can find a low-end, 500GB SSD for well under $50 or some of the best SSDs in 1TB capacity for under $150. 

SSDs aren't the only devices dropping in price. High capacity external hard drives, memory cards and USB flash drives are all at or near record level price lows. The best part is that each week we notice storage prices continue to plummet. 

Below, we're rounding up today's best SSD and storage deals.

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SSD Deals

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HDD Deals

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  • DookieDraws
    Bring on the deals! :)
  • ddudeman3
    How is that Corsair 240GB NVMe a good deal when you can get a 970 EVO 500GB NVMe for $117 on Amazon right now?
  • alan_rave
    I wish the same *price declining* thing to happen with geforce 20XX.
  • Repo79
    Best Buy will have the Samsung ssd 2.5 1tb for 129.99
  • Mr5oh
    21485996 said:
    How is that Corsair 240GB NVMe a good deal when you can get a 970 EVO 500GB NVMe for $117 on Amazon right now?

    They are "affiliate links". Is that the correct term? Tom's is getting kick back Im sure, look at the URL. Advertisements, nothing more.

    Although I believe that should be made a bit more clear....
  • verndewd
    there are better deals than that out there.
  • verndewd 127 for an evo 860
  • HideOut
    I agree with Ddudeman3, that corsair 240 is over priced on sale. I've seen other 240 class NVME's for about $70 for BF
  • verndewd 140 for a sandi\k 1tb
  • markc1999
    The news says Amazon has WD Black 500GB for $99. I just followed the link and it's $143