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Meet CableMod, A Brand Dedicated To Sleeved PSU Cables

Today, a brand is not introducing a new product, but rather itself – meet CableMod, which is dedicated to making sleeved power supply cables. We expect two types of reactions to this. One is "Why on earth would I pay big money for sleeved cables?" and the other is "Yes, I want that!"

CableMod's cables are inspired by the works and wishes of various modders and are aimed at providing the best sleeved cables on the market. The cables are built with very fine weaved sleeving, and no heatshrink has been used at all. The ends of the cables neatly line up with the connectors. Heatshrink is a material that many DIY modders have to resort to in order to seal off the ends of their cables, and although it works, it doesn't exactly look pretty.

Before we go on, it must be clear that there is no practical purpose to sleeved cables. They do exactly what your normal power supply cables do: connect your PSU to your components. However, they look notably better in systems, and with the right colors you can use them to really make your system shine.

The cables will be available in complete sets for a specific PSU, with various color options. Supported PSUs include Corsair AXi, HXi, and RM series; EVGA G2 and P2 series; and Seasonic XP2 and KM3 series. Color options include black, red, blue, green, orange and white. Sets will also be available with combo colors, and those options include black and red, black and blue, black and green, and black and orange.

You can pre-order the cables immediately from Overclockers UK, and they cost £69.95 per set. This translates to about $90 USD on today's exchange rate after removing VAT, although it remains unclear when they'll be coming to U.S. shelves.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.