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M9i, M9a Are Cryorig's Smallest Tower Coolers Yet

A couple of days ago Cryorig introduced its teeny C7, which had a spec sheet that certainly impressed. Today, Cryorig is introducing the M9. Well, more specifically the M9i and M9a, which are for the Intel and AMD platforms, respectively.

Both variants of the M9 are identical, except for their mounting hardware. The idea behind two different variants is that Cryorig only needs to include one set of mounting hardware with each, which cuts the shelf price.

The M9 is Cryorig's smallest tower cooler yet, measuring just 124.6 mm tall. It is 102 mm wide, and it has a depth of 87 mm with the fan installed. The base of the unit features a solid copper block, which is nickel plated to protect against corrosion. From there, the heat is transferred into three 6 mm heatpipes, which bring the heat to a 40-piece fin array, the fins of which are 0.4 mm thick and have a 1.6 mm gap between one another. With the fan installed, it weighs 425 grams.

The fan on the unit is 92 mm and can spin at speeds between 600 and 2200 RPM with PWM control. It will push up to 48.4 CFM while making 26.4 dBA of noise at full speed, and it can generate up to 3.1 mm of static air pressure.  

All the specs combine to make a tiny tower cooler that is capable of dissipating up to 120 W of heat. Therefore, it is suitable for use on mid-range to high-end CPUs, but you'll have to avoid the octa-core CPUs from Intel and AMD, which have higher TDPs. The M9i therefore also doesn't come with support for the LGA2011 sockets – only LGA115x sockets. The M9a will support FM2+ and FM3+ sockets without issue.

Cryorig hopes to have the M9i and M9a on the U.S. market by the end of the month, where it will carry a price tag of just $26.99 – right in the sweet spot for quick cooler upgrades from less robust stock coolers.

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