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Deepcool Integrates Liquid Cooling Into Genome ATX Case

There are a handful of product categories that Deepcool works in, two of which are cases and liquid cooling. For CES, the company built something rather special by building liquid cooling into a case.

The case is called the Genome, and it comes with an all-in-one liquid cooling loop built in. To make it special, Deepcool mounted a cylindrical reservoir with a double-helix right at the front of the case.

Inside the Genome you’ll find a very standard layout; there is room for an ATX motherboard with seven expansion slots, graphics cards up to 330 mm long, two 3.5” hard drives and four 2.5” drives. The case does not have any room for 5.25” optical drives, though we doubt that feature will be missed.

The cooling loop consists of a water block with an integrated pump, a 360 mm radiator and a cylindrical reservoir. The block/pump combo unit is the same as the unit found on the Gamer Storm Captain CPU coolers from Deepcool, with a bit of clear tubing going along the outside, and built-in lighting. (The reservoir is LED-lit with a controllable breathing effect, too.) With a big radiator and a sweet reservoir, however, there is one thing that we’re aching for: expandability, so that the GPU can be cooled in the loop, too.

The power supply resides in a separate compartment, with only part of the side visible through the case’s side window. This sub-compartment will be useful to store all the cable slack, keeping cable clutter out of sight. The power supply is mounted on a rubber vibration dampener and has its own dust filter.

Deepcool used SGCC steel to build the frame of the chassis, with the remainder of the case built from ABS plastic. The Genome comes with a standard 120 mm fan at the rear exhaust location and three 120 mm PWM fans mounted to the radiator. The case measures 506 x 210 x 505 mm, and it weighs 9.77 kg.

Deepcool informed us that the case will carry an MSRP of $249.99 when it hits shelves in February. That’s a steep price to pay for a case and water cooling unit, but it does buy you a very unique-looking piece of kit. It will be available in white with blue tubing, as well as in black with green or red tubing.

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