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Deal: Get a 512GB Intel SSD 760p for an All-Time-Low $103

It’s no secret that SSD prices are falling, and could dip significantly more as 2019 progresses. But if you’re after a fast boot drive today, it’s hard to argue against Intel’s 760p, especially at its current Amazon sale price of $103 for the 512GB capacity. That’s nearly half off the launch MSRP, and $27 less than the current price on

We liked the 760p when we reviewed it early last year, calling it “the best overall SSD value available for general PC use.” While plenty of impressive drives have hit the market since then, the SSD 760p is still an excellent, very fast drive that’s rated at up to 3,200/1,670 MBps sequential read/write speeds.

Note that this is an NVMe M.2 SSD, not a traditional 2.5-inch/SATA drive. So you’ll need a device that supports these technologies to install the drive. Be sure to check your manual before buying, because no one likes to get a speedy new boot drive in the mail, only to find out their device is stuck on the slow SATA bus.