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'Metro: Exodus' Trailer Reveals Fall 2018 Release

Metro Exodus was first revealed at E3 earlier this year, and 4A Games just released a new trailer for it at the Game Awards, which shows more of the mutant-infected world.

The series gets its name from the vast amount of time you spend underground in an effort to escape radiation and the dangerous mutants. However, most of the trailer featured Artyom, the main character, carefully making his way through the ruins of a city in broad daylight. A group of dangerous mutated creatures suddenly ambush him, but he manages to get away in a small train car.

Unlike past entries in the series, Artyom won’t spend a majority of the game in Moscow’s subway system. He will lead a group of elite Spartan Rangers on a journey to find a new home somewhere in the East. The game’s story takes place over the course of year, which means that you’ll also see the world around you change with as the snow melts and the leaves fade away. Between missions, you’ll return to the train, which serves as a safe haven and your main base of operations.

When it was announced at E3, 4A Games didn’t provide a specific release window for the game. At the end of the trailer, the studio revealed that it’s now scheduled for a fall 2018 release. With a date set in mind, we should finally hear more about the survival/horror game in the coming months.