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Microsoft Intros Halo-Themed Mouse, Curiously Not For Gamers

On Friday, Microsoft introduced a limited edition of its Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 that features Halo's Master Chief. "This mouse gloriously features a highly detailed Master Chief in his two-tone green MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor and iconic gold hued visor," Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc said on the Windows blog.

Unfortunately, fans wanting to add this limited edition peripheral to their Halo collection will have to wait a few more months; more unfortunately (or perhaps just strangely), this is actually not a gaming mouse, which is surprising given the theme.

Instead, this peripheral only provides the standard two buttons and scroll wheel. If you're looking for something game-related, the company gladly suggests the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows, which costs a meaty $59.95. There's no Halo reference there, thoug; it's all black save for the four "ABXY" action buttons. Don't want to pay that much for a controller? Try a wired Rock Candy Xbox 360 gamepad sold at Walmart and other retailers.

Back to the Halo-themed Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, though: It includes Microsoft's BlueTrack technology, which "combines the power of optical with the precision of laser" to allow the peripheral to work on nearly any surface, including your leg and maybe even shaggy carpet. The mouse also features a plug-and-go nano receiver that can be stowed away in the mouse when not needed. Microsoft even promises up to 8 months of battery life.

You can pre-purchase the device via GameStop. The company has the release date listed as October 6, 2014, just in time for pre-holiday sales. GameStop is also selling a refurbished Halo 3 Green Xbox 360 system with a wireless controller for $119.99, and a refurbished Halo Reach Xbox 360 console for $199.99--just in case you're looking for more Halo goodies.

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