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MSI, EKWB Partner On Liquid-Cooled GTX 1080, 1070 Sea Hawk EK X Graphics Cards

MSI has been taking the GeForce GTX 10-series seriously. The company had already revealed eight different variants of the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 cards (if you include the Founder's Edition), but MSI apparently wants an option for everyone, because it revealed that it has partnered with EK Water Blocks to provide "Sea Hawk EK X" cards with factory pre-installed water blocks.

MSI’s GeForce GTX Sea Hawk EK X will come out of the box with an EK Water Blocks full-cover water block already installed. The nickel-plated electrolytic-copper block features EKWB’s standard high-performance split flow design that cools the GPU and the VRMs equally. The top of the block is made of clear acrylic glass so you can see the fluid flow through the card.

EK Water Blocks customized the aesthetic design of the block to match MSI’s branding. The front of the block features MSI’s dragon logo. It also has an embedded MSI logo right next to EK’s own logo. The Sea Hawk EK X cards will come equipped with a matte black backplate adorned with the MSI dragon logo.

MSI said the cards will come with a factory overclock but did not reveal exactly how fast the two cards will operate. We’ve reached out to MSI for further details about the clock speeds and memory, as well as information about the power delivery system that these cards will have. Price and availability also remain a mystery.

Memory size/type8GB GDDR5X8GB GDDR5
ConnectivityDisplayPort x 3 / HDMI / DL-DVI-DDisplayPort x 3 / HDMI / DL-DVI-D
Dimensions278 x 165 x 20 mm278 x 165 x 20 mm

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