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Nvidia's Ampere Gets Triple Slot & Triple Fan Love from Colorful

(Image credit: COLORFUL)

With the Nvidia Ampere Keynote now over, AIB partners are preparing to reveal their new designs for the upcoming Ampere GeForce RTX 3000 series of graphics cards. Colorful is ready with five graphics card lineups for Ampere. The Vulcan, Neptune, Advanced, Ultra, and NB series cards all feature very large cooler designs to combat Ampere's much higher TDP ratings.

Vulcan Series

Vulcan Series (Image credit: COLORFUL)

The Vulkan series of graphics cards comes with a blacked-out shroud and a triple-fan cooler design with some RGB LED highlights on the front of the card.

The Vulkan's most noticeable feature is a 480mm x 120mm LCD multi-function display that can be flipped up to 90 degrees to suit either horizontal or vertical graphics card setups. The screen can display custom JPG images, GIFs, hardware monitoring info like GPU temperature, and more.

The Vulcan Ampere graphics card comes with a screwdriver, a GPU brace, and a microfiber cloth for cleaning the LCD display.

Neptune Series

Neptune Series (Image credit: COLORFUL)

Next up is the Neptune Series that comes with a 240mm AIO design that cools the entire graphics card with liquid. This is very slick compared to most AIO designs that only cool the GPU die itself and leave other components like the VRAM and power delivery to be air cooled by a blower-style fan. There's a mirror-surfaced RGB ring in the center, the tubes are fully sleeved, and you can rotate the fittings next to the graphics card a full 360 degrees. The RTX 3080 variant of this card comes in a three-slot form factor. Like the Vulcan, this card also comes with a screwdriver and a GPU brace.

Advanced Series

Advanced Series (Image credit: COLORFUL)

The Advanced Series comes with Colorful's Silver Shark 3.0 cooling engine. The card is a massive triple-slot cooler design with three fans and a black and silver finish with an RGB ring where the center fan is located. These cards also come with a screwdriver and a GPU brace.

Ultra Series

Ultra Series (Image credit: COLORFUL)

The Ultra is one of Colorful's more unique designs, featuring a mirror-like finish that is also fully RGB. It is a triple-slot triple-fan design, but instead of having three equally-sized fans, the two outer fans are 90mm in diameter while the center fan is a smaller 80mm.

NB Series

NB Series (Image credit: COLORFUL)

The NB Series is the more entry level design. There's no RGB in sight and the card has a black and red finish. Like most of Colorful's coolers, this is a triple-fan cooler design.

iGame Center

iGame Center (Image credit: COLORFUL)

Lastly, Colorful introduced its own GPU monitoring and overclocking tool. The app lets you monitor CPU and GPU temperatures, clock speeds, Wifi Speeds, RAM frequency, and fan speeds. This app is also responsible for controlling the RGB colors on Colorful's graphics cards.

Colorful is teasing its new Ampere graphics cards for now and hasn't shared pricing or availability. We'll update as we learn more.