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Pixel Qi Promises Better Than iPad (3rd Gen) Displays

n a blog post, Pixel Qi founder Mary-Lou Jepsen said that she was "shocked" by the massive power consumption of the iPad and the fact that "90 percent" of the entire power need of the tablet goes to the display.

Jepsen stated that Pixel Qi has a technology to match "or exceed" the resolution of the iPad and run it at less than 1 watt, while the iPad screen swallows an estimated 8 watts. Jepsen said that the display has also a low power mode "that runs at a full 100X power reduction from the peak power consumed by the iPad3 screen."

The technology isn't available yet, but Pixel Qi claims that it is "finalizing" its partners to develop a new screen family. There was no information when commercial products will be available with the Pixel Qi screen.